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8월 2일 – 8월 11일

2일 (토)

-KGIU: Unit 3 Particles

  • 08 N 에서
  • 09 N 에서 N 까지, N 부터 N 까지
  • 10 N 에게/한테


  • 제 1 회
  • 제 2 회

4일 (월)


  • 제 3 회
  • 제 4 회

6일 (수)

-KGIU: Unit 3 Particles

  • 11 N 도
  • 12 N 만
  • 13 N 밖에

7일 (목)


  • 제 5 회

11일 (월)

-KGIU: Unit 3 Particles

  • 14 N (으)로
  • 15 N (이) 나 Part 1
  • 16 N (이) 나 Part 2
  • 17 N 쯤


  • 제 6 회
  • 제 7 회


As far as making sample sentences, I’ve been doing poorly ㅎㅎㅎㅎ I always forget about it…

I’m working 3 days this week with 2 closing shifts so I’ll probably get nothing else done ㅠ.ㅠ I’m really scared about closing shifts because I feel like I haven’t been trained enough. 잘할게~~! 화이팅~!!!!! ^^


Drama Learning?

I’ll be honest and start this post by saying that I usually watch dramas for the hot actresses and actors… Sometimes plot… So I never really LEARN things from watching dramas. If anything I learn a few passing words ㅠㅠ

Since going on summer break, I’ve had alot of time. Usually I research random things instead of studying Korean. I think it’s because I’ve gotten into the habit of suppressing my motivation to learn Korean. ㅠㅠ During the semesters, I’m always worried about failing my classes if I get “distracted” by doing other things that aren’t a part of school work (Korean). It’s taken me a while to get back into the way I want things to be. But it’s slow-going. I don’t know if anyone else has had similar issues. If so, HELP! Anyway, I digress.

Back to the point. I thought that if I hear korean spoken I would be more motivated to start my studies again. I am. But I’ve been having trouble finding dramas to watch. I’m super picky with plots and actors.. So after looking for a few hours I settled on The Prime Minister and I. The plot kinda reminded me of The Sound Of Music, which I love!! I’m not a fan of Girls Generation so I thought I wouldn’t like Yoona. I was pleasantly surprised that I really enjoy her character and acting. I shouldn’t judge someone just because they are in a Kpop group.

I’m currently on Episode 2 and I plan on watching one episode a day, maybe more.. So while watching the first and second episode I learned 4 words/phrases. Which was surprising because I generally don’t pay attention. I learned:
The last two I knew how to say but I never knew how to spell and it took some work to find these words. It’s seems kinda pathetic now that I’m writing this…

But anyway, if you guys have any recommendations for dramas my boredom would appreciate it. Also, any suggestions to get motivation back after having to stifle it..

Hope everyone has a good Sunday!
-Noel ^^