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Busy Busy Busy…

The last two days have been busy and exciting in the realm of my Korean learning..

1. I started using ‘Talk To Me In Korean.’ I totally love it, not sure why I didn’t start sooner. I did 10 lessons at Level 1 yesterday. Good thing is that most of it was review. :p Turns out I remember more than I think, especially concerning the dreadful subject and topic particles! So I consider that an accomplishment.

2. I made my own 삼각 김밥 🙂


I made two with Kimchi (of course) and two with Tuna for my non- vegetarian Mom and Sister. I’m really happy that I was able to make them because I’m not usually good at making food. My girlfriend always helps heheh. And even if not much “cooking” was done, I’m proud of myself. My mom never wants me in the kitchen hahaha. But she is pleasantly surprised that I made one for her. :p

Later on today I will be doing more TTMIK and I’m excited to see how much I remember and how much I will learn. I haven’t been this enthusiastic about Korean in 3 weeks. Seems the clouds have cleared