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8월 2일 – 8월 11일

2일 (토)

-KGIU: Unit 3 Particles

  • 08 N 에서
  • 09 N 에서 N 까지, N 부터 N 까지
  • 10 N 에게/한테


  • 제 1 회
  • 제 2 회

4일 (월)


  • 제 3 회
  • 제 4 회

6일 (수)

-KGIU: Unit 3 Particles

  • 11 N 도
  • 12 N 만
  • 13 N 밖에

7일 (목)


  • 제 5 회

11일 (월)

-KGIU: Unit 3 Particles

  • 14 N (으)로
  • 15 N (이) 나 Part 1
  • 16 N (이) 나 Part 2
  • 17 N 쯤


  • 제 6 회
  • 제 7 회


As far as making sample sentences, I’ve been doing poorly ㅎㅎㅎㅎ I always forget about it…

I’m working 3 days this week with 2 closing shifts so I’ll probably get nothing else done ㅠ.ㅠ I’m really scared about closing shifts because I feel like I haven’t been trained enough. 잘할게~~! 화이팅~!!!!! ^^


7/10 – 7/21

10 일 (목) – 12 일 (토)

– I didn’t do any work due to being obsessed with watching kpop collection videos and making lists of what I want to buy when I get a job. I’m kinda prone to obsessive habits like that. I usually get stuck on things for a few days or until I think I’ve found everything thing I can find out. I did that for like 2 weeks before I started learning Korean. Anyway…next


13 일 (일)

-TTMIK Level 2 lesson 9 (counters) and half of 10 (Present Progressive)


14 일 (월)

-TTMIK Level 2 Lesson 10 continued and 11 (self-introduction)


15 일 (화)

-TTMIK Level 2 Lesson 12 (What date is it?)

-KGIU: Unit 3 (particles) Section 1 (N이/가), 2 (N은/는), 3 (N을/를)


16 일 (수)

-Penguin Loves Mev 123 and 124 화

-총리와 나 episode 8 and 9


17 일 (목) – 19 일 (토)

– I didn’t get the chance to do any work because I suddenly got a job interview that I was really nervous about. It ended up going well and I have another one next week. Also on Saturday, I had to take my cat to the vet and later in the evening I went to a Sara Bareilles concert that was amazing! She’s really awesome. Check her out!


20 일 (일)

-총리와 나  ep 10


21 일 (월) ?

-KGIU: Unit 3 (Particles)

-총리와 나 ep 11 – ?


I haven’t really been following my schedule. I think part of that is because I found out that I choose things that were beyond my level. It’s hard to find resources outside of textbooks. I do intend on buying reading and writing textbooks when I save up money (they are so expensive). So for now I think I’ll stick to TTMIK, KGIU, Penguin Loves Mev, and a drama that I find interesting.


I hope those of you that are a schedule are doing better than I am ㅎㅎㅎㅎ ^^

Learning Log

6일 일요일

  • KGIU: Unit 2- Negative Expressions
  • Practice PenmanshipTo practice my penmanship I printed out lyrics and traced it. I feel like my handwriting is too blocky and I want it to be pretty ㅎㅎㅎ here’s an example:

    SPICA – Tonight lyrics


7일 월요일

  • Update Lang-8 with examples on tenses
  • Practice Penmanship
  • Readings from Fresh Korean (X)

I had a serious problem reading the story from Fresh Korean. It was way beyond my level so I pretty much failed ㅎㅎㅎ so I think I’ll just do Ewha that day or find another website to use. I was thinking about Sogang.

8일 화요일

  • Nothing, I was too busy and tired ㅜㅜ

9일 수요일

  • Basic Conversations from Fresh Korean
  • Update Lang-8 with examples on negative expressions
  • Read ebook (?)

Because I skipped yesterday I had to double up today. I decided to do the all the Basic Conversations instead of the Extended ones from Fresh Korean. I found that there were sentence endings that I haven’t seen before, which kinda sucks. I tried looking it up but I couldn’t find anything. I might read Penguin Loves Mev today if my brain isn’t too fried in a few hours.

So, so far my new schedule is working really well. It’s been less than a week but I have already noticed a momentum building. I’m excited everyday to complete a milestone or to just check something off my list.

Until next time! ^^

Weekly Schedule

Korean Schedule
Korean story plus worksheet from Fresh Korean

Extended conversations from Fresh Korean

Find an ebook or webnovel
update blog

Podcasts List from Hanguk Drama

watch an episode of a drama without subs then with subs

-Grammar and Vocabulary-
Complete a few lessons from TTMIK (level 2)
update blog

-Grammar and Vocabulary-
Complete a few pages of KGIU: Beginner

I realize that there is a lot of focus on reading but that’s because I feel like that is my weakest point. I hope that this will make me more comfortable in recognizing the vocabulary that I have learned already. There aren’t that many resources in Fresh Korean but I think it’ll buy me time to find more things to read. For an ebook or webnovel, if I can’t find one then I’ll probably read Penguin Loves Mev. I want to find a drama that I’m really interested in, if not I’ll most likely rewatch 별에서 온 그대.  I want to do around 2 or 3 lessons in TTMIK a week, maybe more if they are related or if I learned it already. For the KGIU, I want to do a section of a unit a day. As for updating this blog I plan on doing that twice a week, just small posts on anything that confused me or if I want to review anything. I really hope I stick to this schedule! I’m usually not good at schedules but I do think that I love Korean enough.

Do you guys have a schedule? Was it hard or easy to stick to it? Did it help you be more organized in your learning? 

Have a good weekend ^^


While on a trip to Korea Town a few days ago, my girlfriend and I were discussing the easiest way to learn. She believes that I need a set schedule everyday. I would agree. However, I’ve never been that organized with how I learn. I don’t even know how I learn. So I think that’s why I find myself so disorganized.

So in response to her advice, I want to gather resources that will give me a comprehensive style of learning. I thought about spending at least an hour a day on the main parts of Korean (writing, grammar, vocabulary, speaking, reading etc.)

Following this plan will require me to gather more resources considering I only have my Ewha textbook and workbook and my KGIU. Ewha is broken up into these sections but I doubt it’ll be enough. I really hope to find websites and/or ebooks that will help me to have a more complete understanding of Korean. I’ll update when I get my resources and schedule complete. Wish me luck! I think I’ll need it!! ㅎㅎㅎ