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Lots of Changes

For the last 2 weeks or so a lot has changed.

After my first interview on the 18th, I had my second interview on the 25th. I got the job which I was really happy about. It’s my first job ever. It’s at a clothing store so I don’t feel like I can really mess up ㅎㅎㅎ Then I had orientation and training on the 29th and 30th, which went fairly well. I made some big mistakes and totally cried on my first day but I won’t really be in trouble or anything. Training on the cash register was just a bit overwhelming and I cried in front of the woman who trained me. Still kinda embarrassed about that but eh, what can you do? For the next few days I wasn’t feeling so well because of exhaustion and being so overwhelmed. But I plan on taking relaxation pills so I’m not so anxious and overwhelmed on the next day I work. But I’m still in training pretty much.

Besides getting a job and trying not to have a panic attack, I also had to help my girlfriend move in with me. I’m totally excited she’s moving in but it’s a lot of physical work in order to rearrange the house better. This was happening at the same time I was feeling exhausted from work. So I still don’t have much energy, even though this was only 3 days ago.

Basically we have until Monday to rearrange the house because everyone starts the work week again and we’ll be too tired. I work on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. I’ll be training on the sales floor so I think I’ll be able to handle everything better. 

This is a really long and unnecessary post just to say that I haven’t done much in the area of Korean! ㅎㅎㅎ In the last few days, I’ve only been finishing up 총리와 나 and watching reality shows with 소녀시대 because I’m a new fan. (Side Note: I really liked 총리와 나 even though everyone was saying the ending was pointless. I really liked the ending because I feel like it was realistic. She needed her space to grieve, which he gave her and then she came back. I feel like the handshake was a symbol that they are both new people now and they need to get reacquainted. I honestly feel like that’s how I would react if it was me.) Everything has been with subtitles because I’m trying not to overestimate my level, which will just make me really frustrated.

Anyway, hopefully I can get back into doing a little each day after I get more settled at work and at home. The semester is starting soon which is kinda sucky! So I want to get things done before I get REALLY busy. 

할 수 있어요!~~ 

Learning Log

6일 일요일

  • KGIU: Unit 2- Negative Expressions
  • Practice PenmanshipTo practice my penmanship I printed out lyrics and traced it. I feel like my handwriting is too blocky and I want it to be pretty ㅎㅎㅎ here’s an example:

    SPICA – Tonight lyrics


7일 월요일

  • Update Lang-8 with examples on tenses
  • Practice Penmanship
  • Readings from Fresh Korean (X)

I had a serious problem reading the story from Fresh Korean. It was way beyond my level so I pretty much failed ㅎㅎㅎ so I think I’ll just do Ewha that day or find another website to use. I was thinking about Sogang.

8일 화요일

  • Nothing, I was too busy and tired ㅜㅜ

9일 수요일

  • Basic Conversations from Fresh Korean
  • Update Lang-8 with examples on negative expressions
  • Read ebook (?)

Because I skipped yesterday I had to double up today. I decided to do the all the Basic Conversations instead of the Extended ones from Fresh Korean. I found that there were sentence endings that I haven’t seen before, which kinda sucks. I tried looking it up but I couldn’t find anything. I might read Penguin Loves Mev today if my brain isn’t too fried in a few hours.

So, so far my new schedule is working really well. It’s been less than a week but I have already noticed a momentum building. I’m excited everyday to complete a milestone or to just check something off my list.

Until next time! ^^

Weekly Schedule

Korean Schedule
Korean story plus worksheet from Fresh Korean

Extended conversations from Fresh Korean

Find an ebook or webnovel
update blog

Podcasts List from Hanguk Drama

watch an episode of a drama without subs then with subs

-Grammar and Vocabulary-
Complete a few lessons from TTMIK (level 2)
update blog

-Grammar and Vocabulary-
Complete a few pages of KGIU: Beginner

I realize that there is a lot of focus on reading but that’s because I feel like that is my weakest point. I hope that this will make me more comfortable in recognizing the vocabulary that I have learned already. There aren’t that many resources in Fresh Korean but I think it’ll buy me time to find more things to read. For an ebook or webnovel, if I can’t find one then I’ll probably read Penguin Loves Mev. I want to find a drama that I’m really interested in, if not I’ll most likely rewatch 별에서 온 그대.  I want to do around 2 or 3 lessons in TTMIK a week, maybe more if they are related or if I learned it already. For the KGIU, I want to do a section of a unit a day. As for updating this blog I plan on doing that twice a week, just small posts on anything that confused me or if I want to review anything. I really hope I stick to this schedule! I’m usually not good at schedules but I do think that I love Korean enough.

Do you guys have a schedule? Was it hard or easy to stick to it? Did it help you be more organized in your learning? 

Have a good weekend ^^

Ewha Exercise

Just a short post about another exercise that I completed in the Ewha workbook. I was finishing 제5과: 하루 일과 and I figured I would post it to monitor my progress better. I tend not to look back in my notebooks or textbooks. Anyway, here goes:

엘릭 씨의 하루 일과

엘릭 씨는 아침 6시에 일어납니다. 그리고 6시 10분에 세수합니다. 6시 45분에 아침을 먹습니다. 식사 후에 학교에 갑니다. 엘릭 씨는 영어 선생님입니다. 7시에 학교에 갑니다. 9시부터 12시까지 영어를 가르칩니다. 12시부터 1시까지 점심 먹습니다. 1시에 퇴근합니다. 퇴근 후에 스포츠 센터에 갑니다. 2시부터 4시까지 운동을 합니다. 운동을 후에 샤워합니다. 7시부터 9시까지 한국말을 배웁니다. 보통 10시에 집에 갑니다.

Have a nice week and study hard ^^


While on a trip to Korea Town a few days ago, my girlfriend and I were discussing the easiest way to learn. She believes that I need a set schedule everyday. I would agree. However, I’ve never been that organized with how I learn. I don’t even know how I learn. So I think that’s why I find myself so disorganized.

So in response to her advice, I want to gather resources that will give me a comprehensive style of learning. I thought about spending at least an hour a day on the main parts of Korean (writing, grammar, vocabulary, speaking, reading etc.)

Following this plan will require me to gather more resources considering I only have my Ewha textbook and workbook and my KGIU. Ewha is broken up into these sections but I doubt it’ll be enough. I really hope to find websites and/or ebooks that will help me to have a more complete understanding of Korean. I’ll update when I get my resources and schedule complete. Wish me luck! I think I’ll need it!! ㅎㅎㅎ

Drama Learning?

I’ll be honest and start this post by saying that I usually watch dramas for the hot actresses and actors… Sometimes plot… So I never really LEARN things from watching dramas. If anything I learn a few passing words ㅠㅠ

Since going on summer break, I’ve had alot of time. Usually I research random things instead of studying Korean. I think it’s because I’ve gotten into the habit of suppressing my motivation to learn Korean. ㅠㅠ During the semesters, I’m always worried about failing my classes if I get “distracted” by doing other things that aren’t a part of school work (Korean). It’s taken me a while to get back into the way I want things to be. But it’s slow-going. I don’t know if anyone else has had similar issues. If so, HELP! Anyway, I digress.

Back to the point. I thought that if I hear korean spoken I would be more motivated to start my studies again. I am. But I’ve been having trouble finding dramas to watch. I’m super picky with plots and actors.. So after looking for a few hours I settled on The Prime Minister and I. The plot kinda reminded me of The Sound Of Music, which I love!! I’m not a fan of Girls Generation so I thought I wouldn’t like Yoona. I was pleasantly surprised that I really enjoy her character and acting. I shouldn’t judge someone just because they are in a Kpop group.

I’m currently on Episode 2 and I plan on watching one episode a day, maybe more.. So while watching the first and second episode I learned 4 words/phrases. Which was surprising because I generally don’t pay attention. I learned:
The last two I knew how to say but I never knew how to spell and it took some work to find these words. It’s seems kinda pathetic now that I’m writing this…

But anyway, if you guys have any recommendations for dramas my boredom would appreciate it. Also, any suggestions to get motivation back after having to stifle it..

Hope everyone has a good Sunday!
-Noel ^^

Making Time


Since starting my second semester as a Junior, I haven’t had much time to do anything but school work. Getting close to graduation means classes are more intense. I’m in a Human Osteology class and I have weekly quizzes on specific features of every bone!!! I really like the class and I feel like a professional but it’s alot of work. Also, I am in a Chemistry Class and the last time I took any Chemistry was 7 years ago (I feel so old)!!!!! So classes have been stressful and intense. But there is light at the end of this stress-filled, dismal, dark tunnel.

That light is Korean. Considering I haven’t opened my textbooks in 2 months, I’ve missed it incredibly.

I’m currently trying to get a schedule down where after class on Fridays I take a few hours or the rest of the day to devote to my Korean studying. It’s going to be challenging especially because midterms are coming up. I have my Osteology midterm on Monday!! Totally freaking out!!! But I think I’ll get at a decent grade.

Currently, I’m studying from Korean Grammar: In Use Beginning. I’m really enjoying it even though it’s all review so far. I like that somethings are review now as opposed to everything being new material. Makes me realize that my progression is not absent as I once thought.

Lastly, about 2 weeks ago I came across a college professor’s website. He teaches Korean Beginning and Intermediate at one of the city colleges in my area. He was kind enough to upload all of this powerpoints and homework assignments with answrers onto the site. I was over the moon happy about this because it’s the ONLY city college that teaches Korean. I’m in a city college but can’t make it to that campus weekly. But after finding all of his material, I feel like I’m actually taking a class with him. I’m going to try and follow the syllabus and incorporate everything into my schedule. Wish me luck because it’ll be a challenge. But you know what they say: It wouldn’t be difficult if it’s wasn’t worth it!!

I hope all of you are doing well, if not it’ll be better (take it from me). Hopefully I’ll be posting more often.

Until next time! ^-^

Koreans on Campus

For a while now I have known that there were a lot of Koreans around my college campus. I learned that my college has an exchange program with a Women’s University in South Korea (I forgot the name.) I always thought it was strange to see so many Korean girls and almost no Korean guys!! ㅎㅎㅎ

So yesterday, I was in all the right places at all the right times. Everywhere I went I was hearing girls speaking Korean. It was pretty cool, especially in the cafeteria where you can pick up words without looking creepy and nosy. There were even two girls talking about 김 연아 in my Chemistry class. I was so excited until I realized that I want to approach them and make friends. I’m naturally shy when I first meet people but I’m even more shy when it comes to Korean things.

I don’t know how to start a conversation or even if they will be interested in what I have to say. Will they think I’m just one of those people who like Asian guys? (even though I’m a lesbian) Would there be an issue because I’m a lesbian? I wouldn’t even know what to say. What if they don’t want to make friends with people who don’t know Korean well? Too many possibilities not enough courage to act!

So of course I was over thinking everything after class was over -.- But I honestly want to try and make friends in school, not just people who want to copy off of me. Have any of you had a conversation with people who were speaking Korean? What did you say? How did they react?

First Korean Paragraph!

우리 집은 삼층입니다. 지하이 있습니다. 1층에 거실과 부억과 욕실과 서재이 있습니다. 거실에 피아노가 있습니다. 서재에 책상과 컴퓨터가 있습니다. 2층에 침과 욕실이 있습니다. 그리고 다른 서재과 객실이 있습니다. 서재에 페인트가 있습니다. 집 앞에 정원이 있습니다. 정원에 꽃과 나무가 있습니다. 우리 집은 멋있습니다. 우리 집에 한번 놀러 오세요.

I wrote this paragraph as an exercise in my Ewha Korean Textbook. It seems really childish but I’m still at level 1-1 haha. Anyways, if you guys have any suggestions or corrections, I’d welcome that.

Happy Saturday!

Drama Day

Today I’m catching up on all of my dramas! There is like 4 or 5 that I’m half way through. I haven’t been able to watch any since my summer vacation so I’m looking forward to relaxing even if it’s for one day!

Little quote for Monstar:
“What good is it too make her laugh when she’ll always choose someone that will make her cry?”

The perpetual love triangles!! Gotta love ’em

Enjoy your Saturday!