Monthly Archives: September 2014

Unexpected Korean

These past few weeks have been horrible in terms of my Korean studies. I haven’t had the time or energy to even think about opening my textbooks. Then the semester started on the 28th, so trying to juggle the semester and work has been very anxiety inducing. I haven’t had a full week of it, yet I’m still trying to put it all together in my head. When will I dedicate time to do homework? When will I have time to have a break? Will my performance as a student and an employee suffer?

It’s all very confusing and just thinking about it is upsetting. But I’m trying to take one thing at a time and not get ahead of myself, as I often do. I tend to create problems before they actually arise. Anyway, this post is not going in the direction I thought it would….

Yesterday, I went to the movies with a coworker. I’m glad we are becoming friends because for a while I wasn’t up to making any friends. I found out that she’s into Kpop and Jpop. So we were totally fangirling over 소녀시대 and F(x), which was very exciting. We both don’t know anyone else who likes Korean music, so we have that connection

When we went to watch the movie, “Lucy”, we fangirled over Scarlett Johansson! ㅋㅋㅋ The movie was about a woman named Lucy who unlocks the full potential of her brain because she was exposed to a synthetic drug. She was so badass. Anyway, the bad guys who were after her and the drugs were Korean. They spoke Korean in the movie and most of it was translated through a translator or subtitles. I did not know that there was going to be a Korean element in this movie. But I was really freaking out because I could understand around 40-50% of it! I was picking out certain words and then inferred the rest based on the context. Alot of the words were commands and threats so it wasn’t incredibly difficult. I don’t think I learned any new words because it was very fast and obviously I couldn’t pause the movie. But I’m still proud of myself for being able to pick out words that I have encountered before.

Even slow progress is progress, right?