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8월 2일 – 8월 11일

2일 (토)

-KGIU: Unit 3 Particles

  • 08 N 에서
  • 09 N 에서 N 까지, N 부터 N 까지
  • 10 N 에게/한테


  • 제 1 회
  • 제 2 회

4일 (월)


  • 제 3 회
  • 제 4 회

6일 (수)

-KGIU: Unit 3 Particles

  • 11 N 도
  • 12 N 만
  • 13 N 밖에

7일 (목)


  • 제 5 회

11일 (월)

-KGIU: Unit 3 Particles

  • 14 N (으)로
  • 15 N (이) 나 Part 1
  • 16 N (이) 나 Part 2
  • 17 N 쯤


  • 제 6 회
  • 제 7 회


As far as making sample sentences, I’ve been doing poorly ㅎㅎㅎㅎ I always forget about it…

I’m working 3 days this week with 2 closing shifts so I’ll probably get nothing else done ㅠ.ㅠ I’m really scared about closing shifts because I feel like I haven’t been trained enough. 잘할게~~! 화이팅~!!!!! ^^


Lots of Changes

For the last 2 weeks or so a lot has changed.

After my first interview on the 18th, I had my second interview on the 25th. I got the job which I was really happy about. It’s my first job ever. It’s at a clothing store so I don’t feel like I can really mess up ㅎㅎㅎ Then I had orientation and training on the 29th and 30th, which went fairly well. I made some big mistakes and totally cried on my first day but I won’t really be in trouble or anything. Training on the cash register was just a bit overwhelming and I cried in front of the woman who trained me. Still kinda embarrassed about that but eh, what can you do? For the next few days I wasn’t feeling so well because of exhaustion and being so overwhelmed. But I plan on taking relaxation pills so I’m not so anxious and overwhelmed on the next day I work. But I’m still in training pretty much.

Besides getting a job and trying not to have a panic attack, I also had to help my girlfriend move in with me. I’m totally excited she’s moving in but it’s a lot of physical work in order to rearrange the house better. This was happening at the same time I was feeling exhausted from work. So I still don’t have much energy, even though this was only 3 days ago.

Basically we have until Monday to rearrange the house because everyone starts the work week again and we’ll be too tired. I work on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. I’ll be training on the sales floor so I think I’ll be able to handle everything better. 

This is a really long and unnecessary post just to say that I haven’t done much in the area of Korean! ㅎㅎㅎ In the last few days, I’ve only been finishing up 총리와 나 and watching reality shows with 소녀시대 because I’m a new fan. (Side Note: I really liked 총리와 나 even though everyone was saying the ending was pointless. I really liked the ending because I feel like it was realistic. She needed her space to grieve, which he gave her and then she came back. I feel like the handshake was a symbol that they are both new people now and they need to get reacquainted. I honestly feel like that’s how I would react if it was me.) Everything has been with subtitles because I’m trying not to overestimate my level, which will just make me really frustrated.

Anyway, hopefully I can get back into doing a little each day after I get more settled at work and at home. The semester is starting soon which is kinda sucky! So I want to get things done before I get REALLY busy. 

할 수 있어요!~~