7/10 – 7/21

10 일 (목) – 12 일 (토)

– I didn’t do any work due to being obsessed with watching kpop collection videos and making lists of what I want to buy when I get a job. I’m kinda prone to obsessive habits like that. I usually get stuck on things for a few days or until I think I’ve found everything thing I can find out. I did that for like 2 weeks before I started learning Korean. Anyway…next


13 일 (일)

-TTMIK Level 2 lesson 9 (counters) and half of 10 (Present Progressive)


14 일 (월)

-TTMIK Level 2 Lesson 10 continued and 11 (self-introduction)


15 일 (화)

-TTMIK Level 2 Lesson 12 (What date is it?)

-KGIU: Unit 3 (particles) Section 1 (N이/가), 2 (N은/는), 3 (N을/를)


16 일 (수)

-Penguin Loves Mev 123 and 124 화

-총리와 나 episode 8 and 9


17 일 (목) – 19 일 (토)

– I didn’t get the chance to do any work because I suddenly got a job interview that I was really nervous about. It ended up going well and I have another one next week. Also on Saturday, I had to take my cat to the vet and later in the evening I went to a Sara Bareilles concert that was amazing! She’s really awesome. Check her out!


20 일 (일)

-총리와 나  ep 10


21 일 (월) ?

-KGIU: Unit 3 (Particles)

-총리와 나 ep 11 – ?


I haven’t really been following my schedule. I think part of that is because I found out that I choose things that were beyond my level. It’s hard to find resources outside of textbooks. I do intend on buying reading and writing textbooks when I save up money (they are so expensive). So for now I think I’ll stick to TTMIK, KGIU, Penguin Loves Mev, and a drama that I find interesting.


I hope those of you that are a schedule are doing better than I am ㅎㅎㅎㅎ ^^


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