I missed it by a couple of days but this month is the one year anniversary of my studying Korean. On June 13th I started my Korean learning journey. It’s kind of hard to believe! I feel like I haven’t made as much progress as I would have liked but I am aware of my limitations during the semester and lack of motivation laziness. Since the summer break has started for me, I have only studied about 3 times. But that’s mostly because I’ve been trying to catch up on reading. So I’ve been reading all day and watching the World Cup. Summer = distractions and it being too hot to even move.

Anyway, I just wanted to acknowledge the work I’ve been able to put into this and I’ll work harder to meet my goals. I also want to thank all of my followers for 1) taking the time to follow my blog 2) reading my posts (don’t know if any of you do, but it’s okay) 3) for offering suggestions and advice and finally, the most important thing, 4) for inspiring me. I thank you all ❤

I hope I can achieve some more of my goals this summer and I wish the same for you all as well ^^



4 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. 안녕하세요!
    I just found your blog! Congratulations on your first anniversary! ^^
    I think I read almost all of your posts now =P Are you still using Ewha 1-1? I think we’re almost on the same level! ^^ Haha, the World Cup is distracting me too… But it’s because I live in Brazil and there’s always someone cheering too loud next to me when I try to study and then my concentration just disappear ;–;
    Congratulations again! ^^ Good luck with your Korean Journey on this new year!

    1. 안녕하세요!! 만나서 반가워요! 🙂

      Thanks for reading my posts! I appreciate it.

      I am still using Ewha 1-1. I’m finishing Chapter 5 in the workbook. I also have Korean Grammar In Use:beginner. What books are you using? I’m glad we are on a similar level 🙂

      That is awesome that you live in the country that is holding the World Cup! I’m so jealous! That’s really exciting.

      Good luck to you too! Hope to see you around 🙂

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