Language: Crash Course Psychology

Because I’m a science nerd and I love this channel on Youtube, I decided to upload this. It’s a video about language and what we know about how humans acquire it as infants. It’s really interesting (maybe just to me). I’ve always wondered how children communicate so well with the people around them. How is it even possible to learn a language at such a young age (does that sound mean?) How do children even know how to place words to make sentences. How do they remember vocabulary and grammar? (I’m so jealous of their “sponge” brains, they pick up so much!) It’s kind of hard to comprehend. Maybe it’s because I don’t have children and I’m not around children on a daily basis. But it’s so cool to think that I was once an infant learning a language without even trying. I think that’s why it’s even cooler that I’m learning a language when I’m well out of my “sponge” brain stage hahah
What I also fail to understand is how all the languages share certain common elements. How is that even possible? Language that was formed before colonization and globalization! There were parts of speech that were necessary to all humans no matter where they lived. Kinda crazy! Am I getting to scientific? Anyways, I hope those who watch this video enjoy it.



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