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Sample Sentences using 그래서

I wanted to make random sample sentences using 그래서 because my grammar and vocabulary are really lacking. I had to use the dictionary a lot >.< but I tried my best. I posted this on Lang-8 to try and get corrections. I know they might be really bad so I wrote what I was trying to say in English. I’m kinda nervous to post them but anyway here goes:

저는 아주 화가나 그래서 안 가고 싶어요.
I am very mad so I don’t want to go.

저는 고기를 안 좋아 그래서 채식의자예요.
I don’t like meat so I am a vegetarian.

어제방에 나는 잠을하지 않았어 그래서 이 아침에 늦게 일어났어요.
I didn’t sleep last night so I woke up late this morning.


I had a lot of fun doing this exercise so I might make it a regular occurrence. Recently, I’ve been really motivated, probably because the end of the semester is approaching. I only have 2 more weeks left! Let the countdown begin.


SPICA – 하늘에서 남자들이 비처럼 내려와 (It’s Raining Men)

[HOT] SPICA – Men came down from the sky like rai…:

No words can describe how much I love SPICA. I’m a total fangirl..but an unashamed one!

One of my girlfriends friends told me that he doesn’t like anyone who fangirls over KPOP! HA!!! guess he doesn’t like me then. Oh well, still love SPICA ❤