Making Time


Since starting my second semester as a Junior, I haven’t had much time to do anything but school work. Getting close to graduation means classes are more intense. I’m in a Human Osteology class and I have weekly quizzes on specific features of every bone!!! I really like the class and I feel like a professional but it’s alot of work. Also, I am in a Chemistry Class and the last time I took any Chemistry was 7 years ago (I feel so old)!!!!! So classes have been stressful and intense. But there is light at the end of this stress-filled, dismal, dark tunnel.

That light is Korean. Considering I haven’t opened my textbooks in 2 months, I’ve missed it incredibly.

I’m currently trying to get a schedule down where after class on Fridays I take a few hours or the rest of the day to devote to my Korean studying. It’s going to be challenging especially because midterms are coming up. I have my Osteology midterm on Monday!! Totally freaking out!!! But I think I’ll get at a decent grade.

Currently, I’m studying from Korean Grammar: In Use Beginning. I’m really enjoying it even though it’s all review so far. I like that somethings are review now as opposed to everything being new material. Makes me realize that my progression is not absent as I once thought.

Lastly, about 2 weeks ago I came across a college professor’s website. He teaches Korean Beginning and Intermediate at one of the city colleges in my area. He was kind enough to upload all of this powerpoints and homework assignments with answrers onto the site. I was over the moon happy about this because it’s the ONLY city college that teaches Korean. I’m in a city college but can’t make it to that campus weekly. But after finding all of his material, I feel like I’m actually taking a class with him. I’m going to try and follow the syllabus and incorporate everything into my schedule. Wish me luck because it’ll be a challenge. But you know what they say: It wouldn’t be difficult if it’s wasn’t worth it!!

I hope all of you are doing well, if not it’ll be better (take it from me). Hopefully I’ll be posting more often.

Until next time! ^-^


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