Koreans on Campus

For a while now I have known that there were a lot of Koreans around my college campus. I learned that my college has an exchange program with a Women’s University in South Korea (I forgot the name.) I always thought it was strange to see so many Korean girls and almost no Korean guys!! ㅎㅎㅎ

So yesterday, I was in all the right places at all the right times. Everywhere I went I was hearing girls speaking Korean. It was pretty cool, especially in the cafeteria where you can pick up words without looking creepy and nosy. There were even two girls talking about 김 연아 in my Chemistry class. I was so excited until I realized that I want to approach them and make friends. I’m naturally shy when I first meet people but I’m even more shy when it comes to Korean things.

I don’t know how to start a conversation or even if they will be interested in what I have to say. Will they think I’m just one of those people who like Asian guys? (even though I’m a lesbian) Would there be an issue because I’m a lesbian? I wouldn’t even know what to say. What if they don’t want to make friends with people who don’t know Korean well? Too many possibilities not enough courage to act!

So of course I was over thinking everything after class was over -.- But I honestly want to try and make friends in school, not just people who want to copy off of me. Have any of you had a conversation with people who were speaking Korean? What did you say? How did they react?


2 thoughts on “Koreans on Campus

  1. I understand how you feel with not being able to actually speak to Koreans in person (I can do Skype calls and Kakao voice calls fine) but in real life I choke. I have had one conversation and this is how it went. It was when I was at the only Korean store I know.
    Me : What drama is that (heard the Korean sounded interesting)
    Man : I not know it in English
    Me : 괜찮아요. 한국어로 말해 주세요
    Man : 한국어 잘 하시네요. *says the drama name* 우와
    Me :감사합니다. 다음에 봐요.
    Every time I try and speak again but it just won’t work I clam up now haha. Its been like 1 year lmao. Ah ~

    1. I wish I could talk to someone like that! Most of the Koreans I’ve seen clearly speak English. They are at an American school. But I just hate rejection hahaha

      But I like how you spoke to the man! Because I probably would have walked away ㅎㅎㅎ I’m too shy to attempt it.

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