Little Update

Lately I’ve been feeling like there’s not enough Korean in my life. (Korean = Happiness) So I’ve been trying to squeeze in anything that I can.  I downloaded a bunch of e-books and PDFs, hoping to get SOMEthing from them. Also, today on the walk home from the bus, I counted the number of telephone poles I passed, just to review numbers. 십칠있어요.  It was a fun exercise but I do need to work on a more natural flow.

Besides trying to stay sane, there is a girl in one of my classes that also learned Korean.  She isn’t Korean, she just listens to Kpop and likes the language etc.  She really helps me learn new words and get more comfortable with speaking in Korean.  I tend to answer Korean questions in English (not cool)! But the only problem is that she never learned from a book and I’m not sure how to talk to her about grammar or anything else that I consider “Formal”.  I tend to stay away from topics like that but I’m working on being more open in social situations…

Anyhow, short and kinda pointless update because not much has been going on.  Hope everyone else is having better luck managing Korean learning than I am.


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