This semester is really keeping me busy!!! It’s only just started. All I ever have time for is reading for my classes. No social life and definitely no Korean Study. In the last three weeks I’ve done two pages in my textbook. Honestly, I probably forgot what I learned! šŸ˜”

It seems the problem for me is that I often don’t manage my time well and procrastinate to no end. Korean is important to me but I don’t have time for things that I find important or things that make me happy or things that keep me sane. Seems like I’m only available for things that are expected of my, things like school and homework and eating and showering.

Anyways I’ll try and sneak some Korean in when I half-ass my homework šŸ™‚ That’s likely to happen soon. Gotta get back to this presentation I have due. I hate presentation!!! But hope ya’ll are doing well. I’ll stop talking now :p

Much love


5 thoughts on “Ugh!!!

  1. Same here! I’m giving pretty much all my time to classes right now and anything left over is me sleeping somewhere. orz I wanna study Korean more, not these college classes (even though I enjoy most of them). I’m gonna sneak the Korean into my schedule. >.>

    1. It’s sooo frustrating!!! It makes me mad! I enjoy my classes as well but I wish I was in a Korean class so I have a legitimate excuse to study it. >.<

      1. Omg, yes! If only my college offered Korean classes up to the advanced levels. It would make declaring my major so much easier, but NO. They wanna be special and not have it. ;-;

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