Sucky Vocabulary!

I’m having such a hard time remembering vocabulary!! It really sucks. I’ve never really had to study for anything before but now I find that Korean is the exception to a lot of the rules I lived by.  I’d welcome the change if I wasn’t so frustrated at the moment.

I’m currently using Ewha’s Korean 1-1 Textbook and, man, they just throw vocabulary in your face! I’ve often considered buying a second textbook to solidify some of the vocabulary and concepts.  It would also help to have a variety of exercises to learn with. I just have no idea which textbook would be best (Suggestions are welcome).



I guess right now vocabulary is my biggest weakness, considering I don’t have much use for speaking right now.  I’ve tried reviewing the chapters, making vocabulary lists, and even bringing it back to elementary school days with three times each (hahaha that was fun but didn’t help that much).  I’ve also tried to use websites like quizlet and memrise but I feel like it’s a waste of time if I’m not actually retaining anything.  I think I just need to find a system that will work the best for me.  For now, I’ll just keep studying.  What do you all do for vocabulary or a concept that you are finding particularly tricky?



8 thoughts on “Sucky Vocabulary!

  1. I’m having the same problem with Korean vocabulary. Japanese vocabulary isn’t a problem for me since once I learn the kanji I can remember the meaning and pronunciation which is kinda weird since I have no background with Chinese characters. XD For Spanish, most of the words were close to English so they weren’t hard to remember. For Korean, I think I find difficulty in remembering vocabulary because I have nothing to relate it to. Japanese there’s kanji and I’m really used to the intonation. Spanish I grew up around and it’s close to English. Korean… I’m still getting used to intonation, dialects, and the overall sound even though I’ve been studying it on and off for a year.

    I’ve noticed that I can read and understand stuff, but answering a question and pulling words off the top of my head is difficult. I’ve noticed I remember words sooooo much better if I learn them in a sentence and look back at the sentences/readings from time to time. Sadly, I haven’t been looking back at my notes. I just keep moving forward without reviewing. It’s a bad habit. XD

    1. This is the first language that I’ve tried to learn on my own so I don’t even know what works best haha. But that’s really awesome that you remember words in Japanese. Spanish was easier for me because I had a teacher that could answer questions and correct pronunciation.

      I think, like you, the problem comes from not knowing intonation. I find that I make up ways to remember words but that doesn’t help if you don’t know how to pronounce the words hahahah. I also have bad reviewing habits but I’m trying to correct them.

      1. Yay I’m not the only one with the intonation problem. ;-; Stuff like ㅈ,ㅊ,ㅉ is what kills me because they can sound sooooo alike. And then there’s remembering how to spell it. .-. We’ll find a solution one day. Where there’s a will- there’s a way. *-*

        I love having a teacher or professor who can answer all my questions and correct pronunciation. T^T That’s what I love and miss about my Japanese professor the most (I’m on summer break atm). She’s from Israel, but with the way she speaks and carries herself, you’d think she’s Japanese. Her pronunciation is flawless and it gives me so much hope that one day I can do that with Korean. XD

      2. Ugh spelling is another thing!! It’s pretty ridiculous how crappy I am at spelling, even in English hahah. Your Japanese teacher sounds cool.. And I love your determination, “Where there’s a will, There’s a way.” I totally could use some more of that right now :p

      3. I’m starting to forget how to spell some words in English. I blame the language study.

        I think my determination comes from being an Aries. I don’t believe everything about star signs, but fire is definitely my element. I can be a determined little flame. XD

        Don’t get me started on my listening skills. OTL

      4. I wish I was easily determined, I’m actually the opposite but I’m a work in progress. :p

        Aries are cool, I’m a Scorpio. But some of that stuff is questionable haha.

  2. I would reccomend anki deck . It’s free and for me it’s effective . I do agree with you on the whole memerise thing though because for one it had romanization, and that does nothing but slow down your pace in learning a language like this I’m my opinion . Ooor you could try and just listen to your favorite songs and pick up from there. I noticed you said that f(x) & brown eyed girls are your favorite! Translate their new songs word by word using naver or daum . I loveeeeee b.e.g love recipe ~

    1. 안영하세요~!! 감사합니다 🙂 I really appreciate you taking the time to read my posts and make suggestions. I will definitely try learning through my favorite songs, sounds fun!

      I’m so excited to find a b.e.g fan, don’t hear of them often. You should check out the rest of the album if you haven’t already. Again Thank you! 만나서 반갑습니다! ^-^

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