Sometimes I find it hard to tell people that I am studying Korean.  It’s something that I am very proud of and it makes me happy, yet I still feel like I have to hide it.  I guess it boils down to a fear of rejection.  Will people think I’m weird or a smart-ass because I’m learning another language?  Will they think there is no need to learn a language that isn’t taught it schools very often?  I receive very little support from my family and friends.  My family seems to think that it’s a good idea unless I start to speak to them in Korean.  Most of my friends don’t know because it’s not something I feel comfortable sharing.  My number one support comes from my girlfriend, who introduced Korean culture.  Although she’s not learning Korean, she lets me teach her things. She gets excited when I reach a milestone.  She is happy that I’m happy….Is that too much to ask for?


8 thoughts on “Rejection

  1. Definitely not too much to ask for. ^.^ Some people are just too used to things that are very common and then there’s us who like different stuff. I’m planning on learning Croatian and I don’t care if people call it a “dead language.” It sounds beautiful to me and I’m gonna do it. Same for Korean and Japanese (and soon Chinese) at the moment. People say, “Learn Spanish.” Uh, no. I’ll continue learning it when I feel like it. Asians won’t like you, you’re black. LIES. Many of them like when foreigners learn about their language and culture and have an appreciation for it. I take any negativity I get from learning what I want to learn and turn it into a reason to keep doing it. Then again, I’m fire and stubborn. You can’t tell me to not do something because you don’t like it. It’ll make me want to do it more. XD

    Don’t feel like you have to hide learning Korean. If people wanna be mean, let ’em and turn it into fuel. It’s something you love doing and if they think you’re a smart-ass for doing it then be a proud smartass. XD People are too comfortable with just doing the norm. Be proud of going above and beyond. :]

    1. Thanks for your words of encouragement! 🙂 It really helped me! I’ve never thought about negativity as fuel. You’re absolutely right. I’ll try to convert the negativity into a reason to do better. 😀

      Good luck in your awesome studies XD

  2. When I was learning Spanish in Middle School and High School (as was mandatory) no one questioned my learning it. When I went to college and decided to be a Japanese major, my family was against. I was embarrassed to tell my friends as they thought it was weird. What are you an anime freak? Things like that are the first things that came to mind. However, I met a lot of cool people in my classes and a lot of us did switch majors. The interesting thing is: we all love learning languages. I started learning Korean because of a guy I liked and I was exposed to the culture and wanted to learn more because I liked it. When I was back home and studying Korean people stopped asking me why when I was married. (My ex was Korean.) But once we divorced they asked what the point was? The point was I still had dreams of being conversational. Most people don’t understand why you would learn a language that isn’t useful for getting a job later in life. For me if you want to learn, then go ahead and pour your heart into it. Whether you are a slow learner or fast learner it doesn’t matter. Do you enjoy it? That’s what matters. So keep going and at some point those that question you will see your results and be impressed. It might take years but it does happen.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience. I really appreciate it. I guess it’s hard right now to find support but as you said it will happen. Motivation is what I need and your words really helped. 😀

  3. If it makes you happy, then let it be. It’s your life and as long as you don’t hurt others with what you do, then it’s alright. Everyone has his own passion, something that makes him happy..

    If, for example, a guy wants to play basketball because he’s happy with it, would his girlfriend simply tell him not to play just because she’s not interested in sports? Again, as long as it’s not harmful, it’s fine.

    It’s good that your girlfriend understands you, though. Don’t worry about other people. I also get that a lot, but I just ignore them because I don’t even meddle in their business. 😛

    Feel free and comfortable to release all your anxiousness or excitement about learning Korean here in your blog! A lot of people, like me, would be glad to read about them. 😀

    1. Thank you for being willing to read all the things I write! You’re right about being happy and not worrying about others. 🙂

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