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Busy Busy Busy…

The last two days have been busy and exciting in the realm of my Korean learning..

1. I started using ‘Talk To Me In Korean.’ I totally love it, not sure why I didn’t start sooner. I did 10 lessons at Level 1 yesterday. Good thing is that most of it was review. :p Turns out I remember more than I think, especially concerning the dreadful subject and topic particles! So I consider that an accomplishment.

2. I made my own 삼각 김밥 🙂


I made two with Kimchi (of course) and two with Tuna for my non- vegetarian Mom and Sister. I’m really happy that I was able to make them because I’m not usually good at making food. My girlfriend always helps heheh. And even if not much “cooking” was done, I’m proud of myself. My mom never wants me in the kitchen hahaha. But she is pleasantly surprised that I made one for her. :p

Later on today I will be doing more TTMIK and I’m excited to see how much I remember and how much I will learn. I haven’t been this enthusiastic about Korean in 3 weeks. Seems the clouds have cleared


Sucky Vocabulary!

I’m having such a hard time remembering vocabulary!! It really sucks. I’ve never really had to study for anything before but now I find that Korean is the exception to a lot of the rules I lived by.  I’d welcome the change if I wasn’t so frustrated at the moment.

I’m currently using Ewha’s Korean 1-1 Textbook and, man, they just throw vocabulary in your face! I’ve often considered buying a second textbook to solidify some of the vocabulary and concepts.  It would also help to have a variety of exercises to learn with. I just have no idea which textbook would be best (Suggestions are welcome).



I guess right now vocabulary is my biggest weakness, considering I don’t have much use for speaking right now.  I’ve tried reviewing the chapters, making vocabulary lists, and even bringing it back to elementary school days with three times each (hahaha that was fun but didn’t help that much).  I’ve also tried to use websites like quizlet and memrise but I feel like it’s a waste of time if I’m not actually retaining anything.  I think I just need to find a system that will work the best for me.  For now, I’ll just keep studying.  What do you all do for vocabulary or a concept that you are finding particularly tricky?



Sometimes I find it hard to tell people that I am studying Korean.  It’s something that I am very proud of and it makes me happy, yet I still feel like I have to hide it.  I guess it boils down to a fear of rejection.  Will people think I’m weird or a smart-ass because I’m learning another language?  Will they think there is no need to learn a language that isn’t taught it schools very often?  I receive very little support from my family and friends.  My family seems to think that it’s a good idea unless I start to speak to them in Korean.  Most of my friends don’t know because it’s not something I feel comfortable sharing.  My number one support comes from my girlfriend, who introduced Korean culture.  Although she’s not learning Korean, she lets me teach her things. She gets excited when I reach a milestone.  She is happy that I’m happy….Is that too much to ask for?


Brown Eyed Girls and F(x) are my favorite girl bands!! No, they are my favorite people!!!



I mean they are all so beautiful!! How could you not…?! I literally have no bias for either group, and I ALWAYS have a bias!

Anyway, when I heard they were both having comebacks at the same time, I was beyond fangirling! As I’m writing this I’m listening to F(x) and at first I didn’t like the album as a whole just a few songs. But now it’s really grown on me!! 🙂 I really love how they harmonize and that Amber is singing, not just rapping. I was definitely not expecting some of the breakdowns and house music sound. But I really like it now!

Brown Eyed Girls were completely different because I loved their album right away!! Miryo raps are on point and so in your face. I found it amazing how she co-wrote all of the songs on the album. JeA had some influence too! The album is really fierce and sexy for that reason, I think.

I’m enjoying the way some kpop groups are seemingly have more say in what they release. That’s the type of music I listen to in English- the Singer/Songwriter. So, it’s very refreshing to hear from my favorite girl groups! 🙂

Anyways, this was a long post hehehe but let me know what ya’ll think. bye bye, for now! 🙂